Alex Thorn Began his wrestling career in 2008 working for renegade independent wrestling organization Unified Wrestling Conglomerate from February 2008-February 2009.

During that time Thorn Won the 2008 Rookie of the year award from IWC, Won the first-ever New Focus Battle Royal, Main Evented several shows with Iceman Time Norton and won feud of the year for UWC’s year-end award show.

From March 2009 to March 2010, Thorn worked for various promotions in the Midwest participating on cards with the likes of Tyler Black (WWE Superstar Seth Rollins), El Generico (WWE Superstar Sammi Zayne), International Superstar Mr. 450 and Lucha Underground Star, Ivelisse Velez to name a few.

Thorn returned to UWC in 2010 to work with Federation owner Dante DVS on restructuring the company and also helped produce many of the UWC event DVD releases.

Thorn won the UWC middleweight class championship (New Focus Title) in February of 2011 and retired the championship in July of the same year. Thorn was the last UWC New Focus Champion for the Company.

Alex Thorn has made appearances for several federations since, Including South Milwaukee’s MIAW & The UWC Reunion Show. Most Recently, Alex Thorn Is One Of The Stars Of the Documentary “Rise And Fall Of UWC” By One Fall Media And Jet Dragon Entertainment.
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