As I write this, Dangerous Danny Garcia and I just wrapped recording on episode 3 of our second season of Over AF Wrestling Podcast and I honestly didn’t think we would even get to this point. So where did this start? Why did this start? What motivated me to continue the podcast and what exactly does Over AF mean? 


I formally ran the Live 2 Win Podcast on iTunes which was focused on Pro Wrestling and Fitness. It ran 76 episodes from 2012 to 2015. I ended the podcast to focus on other ventures but never had disdain towards podcasts, it just wasn’t in my headspace anymore. I was ready to move on. So when my former Co-host and friend brought up the idea to do a wrestling focused podcast in the summer of 2019, my immediate answer was “No”. Again not because I hate podcasting but because my head wasn’t there. I was focused on getting back in shape to begin filming upcoming Thorn Fitness Online Training Videos & music. But as this person, chipped away at the idea every day, I began to see a potential future. I knew the work I was going to have to put in because I’ve done it before, but my fear was being THE ONLY ONE putting in work (more on that later). 


I came back to the idea with a couple of conditions, it needed to be focused on the past, not present because I haven’t watched and don’t care for the current product from any company AND I have to be the editor so I know what the final product sounds like. It had to be quality. I didn’t want any more responsibility than that. Set up, record at my place, final edit, and appearance. Promoting and art as well as photoshoot a would be handled by him. My friend agreed. Next was a name. We threw names back and forth, not trying to sound too cliche like Hot Tag podcast or The Go Home wrestling podcast… Until one of us and I can’t remember which said how about over as fuck? In which I remember saying “yeah, that can work because we’ll make it look like a federation OAF” I started to get visions of signage, belts, posters, and shirts. As well as catchphrases. 


I came up with the formula of one episode a week, Focused on different federations. After submitting the podcast to iTunes, Google Podcasts followed as well as Spotify and IheartRadio we were off to the races…. For two weeks and reality reared it’s ugly head that fast. See my concerns about starting the Over AF Wrestling Podcast weren’t just about adding to my project plate, it was also about working with this individual. I’ve been down that road before. And didn’t want to travel it again. By episode 3, We were delayed by 2 weeks due to “illness”. Mind you, we live in a digital age where this could have been done from two different locations, on Skype, over the phone, Google Hangouts… editing. But I digress. 


I regretted the decision to work with this person again. I took a near-decade break for these very occurrences. Once he was back, we went through episodes 3,4 and 5, 6 aaannnnddd once again, by episode 7 there had to be more delays. I brought on My friend Danny Garcia, who comes from the same Golden Era timeline as I do. He was where I needed him when I needed him and watched the PPV in advance (the shock!) we recorded WWA The Eruption. Which became the highest downloaded episode of Over AF. 


My original co-host was back for TNA NO Surrender 2012 (episode 8)… Well, the next week on recording day, he was a no show. So, once again I called on Danny to rescue the schedule with one day’s notice. And he was there when I needed him. WWF King Of The Ring 1993 was now the second-highest download of Over AF. All signs pointed to bringing Danny in full time. But I was foolishly willing to still give him this person one more chance. And that’s exactly what happened with episode 10. NWO Souled Out 97… 


The podcast was picking up steam from Twitter, Facebook Groups, and personal friends, I figured if we really wanted to grow it, we need to hit conventions and start doing live shows…. So I registered the Over AF Wrestling Podcast under My banner of brands to protect it as we move forward. A complete Misunderstanding led to him quitting and me parting all ties with him and removing him from all things Over AF.  In the end, I was left paying for the monthly cost of the podcast, handling art, promotion, recording, and editing. If showing up for 2 hours a week is an issue, there are bigger problems at hand. 


Thankfully, Danny was happy to Officially come in as Co-Host as well as promote the podcast in his spare time outside of working 40 hours a week. Danny Made his Official Debut in Episode 11 (ECW Heat Wave 1998) and has been with the podcast since. My decision to continue into Season 2 was easy because now I actually enjoy doing it. Things are happening organically and Conversations are natural. I have less of a Guard up and Danny has actually come up with some really good ideas to take the podcast forward into  Season 3 which will debut in the Summer of 2020. 


Over AF has given me a reason to look into what initially made me love wrestling in the first place as well as giving Danny and me lots of laughs and memories. Here’s to the growth of Over AF and Re-living the great memories of Wrestling’s past.