Thank you so much for visiting Iamthorn,.com the site you are on right now has been a little over a year in the making. My first website was exactly what I wanted it to be and I wouldn’t settle for anything less when it came to this website. While I am still working on the shop area, the rest of the site is ready to go. Essentially what you are on right now is my online footprint. I wanted those who didn’t know me, to instantly get what Alex Thorn is about. From a young age, I’ve always had big dreams, and despite what family, teachers, and friends would have to say, I continue to swim towards those goals.

The reason for this website, the reason for my book (“I am Thorn: How I Broke The Chains Of Mediocrity And Learned How to Live 2 Win” available on the Kindle publishing platform in both ebook and physical form) is because one day you have to think of the Legacy you will leave to your children. One day, you have to think of the footprint you leave in history. Is everyone’s footprint going to be a history-making one? No, but everyone’s Footprint, certainly has a story. I believe mine is worthy of being displayed as well as yours. From the struggles that came with growing up with EDS and obesity, to the challenges that developed from finally finding fitness inspiration in my mid-20s… to figure out how to be the best father I could be to my son when I had only seen my real father a handful of times in my life.

I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in every blog, shirt, and chapter of my book. If you’ve been a supporter since my rock and roll, wrestling or Fitness journey, I thank you for continuing to follow me, if you’re brand new and are just finding out that you have not just an attitude but Thornitude, then buckle up, look in the mirror and throw up a middle finger to those whoever said you aren’t worthy or good enough to be on a team. You are on #TeamThorn. It’s time to be a Thorn in the side of life. Live 2 Win