WOW… I fell hard in 2017/2018. Looking back at 2019 feels like a breath of fresh air… like the revving of a sports car. Thorn was re-made in this year… And it all started with my Appearance on the IHeartRadio LIVE Show “Intelectual Radio” hosted by Maurice Proffit who would play a big role in the rest of the year for Thorn as well. I was invited to come on the show and talk about my upcoming Wrestling appearance at UWC’s Reunion show later in May as well as the general emergence of AEW in the World of Wrestling. It was great to be in the public eye again and believe me, I was tentative about it because I was kind of thrown into the appearance with former co-host of the Over AF Wrestling Podcast that would be born later in the year as well. IT came off great and fun.


Next was my Return to the stage with Evolution. Which was a new band with former band members I toured with Carlos Alicea and David Mora as well as adding Fugy on drums. Again this came out of nowhere and I was grateful for the call. After months of rehearsal, we hit the stage with vigor and while everything didn’t sound as pretty as it once did 10 years prior it was immediately fun. And that’s what’s important in rock and Roll.


Next up came UWC Resurgence at the Berwyn Eagles Club. And While Plans changed all the way to the moment I arrived To The Show, It was an honor to share the backstage area with so many talents who still love the business I left behind me. Also, Tully was my opposition that night and I hadn’t spoken to him or shared the squared circle with him in over 5 years. He already had other parts to play that night and handled the sudden situation with me, professionally. My spot on the show went from interfering in the Main Event to and interaction mid-card to pre-show. It’s the nature of the Beast and it allowed me to sit down with my family and enjoy the show after giving Tully a Thornikater (Diamond Cutter).


I also enjoyed many trips out to other states from Florida With my Families first trip together. To Nashville and LA for work and Colorado for a Friends Wedding. Florida is somewhere Is a place I can see myself uprooting my family too. I’m a Palm Tree’s and Water guy and LA was a bit too similar to Chicago for me. Nashville is a solid place to visit and Colorado isn’t my bag…. 


In the Summer of 2019, I was invited to be a guest on the Wakandacon Pro Wrestling panel. I would be featured as the only pro wrestler to actually talk about the sport, Surrounded by long-time fans of all eras. With many questions filtering in, It was awesome to hear so many opinions on the sport, I made my name in. Gracefully I was invited by Maurice Proffit Again for this event and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. It was also at this event that my next project would be announced and that was the Creation of Over AF Wrestling Podcast.


The Over AF Wrestling Podcast was something I wasn’t even prepared for. When the idea was brought about, I was hesitant for Valid reasons considering who It was going to be hosted with. I went forward with certain verbal agreements with my co-host at the time and the first 3 episodes were great but things quickly started to unravel the hesitation I had in the beginning, proved to be valid. So I powered through till the 7th episode where I took more control of the show and began to do what was best for the show and its audience than what certain parties were concerned with. Which were greed and ego. I invited Danny Garcia on the show to keep us on track and He appeared in episode 7,9 and eventually became my Official Co-host and I’m happy to finish off the first season with an adult I don’t have to keep track of and that cares genuinely about that project and not just himself. Dangerous Danny and I, are now in the process of Recording season to and have reached 1000 downloads, and are available to stream on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, And Youtube.


2019 was also a year of Self-peace. And possibly because I realized my own BS I was feeling myself mentally that I made up with My son’s mother and Am now seeing our relationship for the great thing that it is. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and often is greener where you water it. Which is what I began to do at the tail end of the year. I implore you to do the same if you see more pros than cons in your child’s parent. 


All in all, 2019 is definitely one of my favorite years of this last decade. It was what I needed 2015 to be. Re-invention, Re-emergence- Reinvigoration. Here’s to 2020, where the ball has gotten to a major role with the announcement of my participation in the upcoming play Mind Games, A B-Side Productions Presentation in February of 2020. I’m loving where Thorn is going and I owe it to Other Entrepreneurs and you, Team Thorn.. Those who demand more of me and those who come out to say Hi, when I do things, in the public eye. Let’s Break The Chains and Live 2 Win.