Alex Thorn multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, former Professional Wrestling Champion, Musician who has shared the stage with the Spanish Rock World’s Biggest star’s, Owner of Live 2 Win Fitness LLC (Thorn Fitness), Host of the Over AF Wrestling Podcast & Former host of the Live 2 Win podcast on iTunes which ran 76 episodes on the powerhouse platform and Author of his memoir filled Autobiography, I Am Thorn: How I Broke The Chains Of Mediocrity & Learned How To Live 2 Win, Available Now on the Kindle Publishing Platform.



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ultimatethorn @ultimatethorn
@thedavewain I pretty much sold my vhs and DVD collections. Then only bought movies on bluray that I really felt wo… https://t.co/le8V65WPvf
@PlutoTV can you add search and user sing in on the Google chromecast pluto app?
This is definitely the height of Turtle Mania https://t.co/ugwyi3Dptg
RT @MStoverload:There has been an update to the lineup on the next Stoverload Music Podcast, Check it out!! https://t.co/mFCkh4H8le
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2019 In Review

WOW… I fell hard in 2017/2018. Looking back at 2019 feels like a breath of fresh air… like the revving of a sports car. Thorn was re-made in this year… And it all started with my Appea [...]

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