Reflections Of 2017

While thinking about a brand new blog for this website, I had to do some soul-searching… sure I could have talked about getting back into fitness, I could talk about the process of making my first single that will be released in 2018 or I could talk about my book but I think with the timing of this blog, I’ll reflect back on what 2017 and more importantly what you made 2017 about for me. I started out the year on a high note. I was going to get my feet wet by getting into a Battle Royal and possibly returning to the pro wrestling ring and on January 29th in MIAW wrestling Wisconsin, I did just that. I also had a tragedy the very next day. My car was totaled with me inside of it right after the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. My initial plans were to get my feet wet with the Battle Royal in Wisconsin, train a bit here in Chicago and then head to Orlando Florida to wrestle and train for about a year, With the accident, this was not to be. Not only was my vehicle totaled, but I would have to now pay for a vehicle I don’t have anymore, my left knee was forever injured and my neck feels a twinge 11 months later.

This really postponed any hopes of going to Florida at the time, but I didn’t let it stop me, two months later, Not only was I already rehabbing my knee and neck but I also purchased a new vehicle for myself on my 31st birthday. Double the amount of the original vehicle but also double the car, while this would not be ideal for my finances, with having a family and looking to move forward in my work situation, I needed a vehicle and I wasn’t about to settle for some piece of crap off of Craigslist. Being able to move forward after such a huge incident in my life, I began to re-focus on writing I Am Thorn. I was constantly reminded by my son’s mother, that I made a promise to everyone that the book would come out in summer 2017, a promise that I did not keep in 2016. Those who were Hanging onto my word had to wait an entire year for me to finish the project. On September 11th, 2017, I am Thorn was released on Amazon. There was a great presale that went on, roughly 50 units sold in the upcoming release weeks. I couldn’t be happier. The reviews started to roll in but then were taken down by Amazon. This puzzled me and I’m still working this out with them to this day, there are at least 5 reviews that should be up. All five stars and they were from people who bought the book and decided to actually take the time and review it. Amazon has no reason not to post the reviews.

I also made a bold promise for 2018 with the release of the autographed Limited Edition version of I Am Thorn. I made the promise that by buying the autographed limited edition of I Am Thorn, you would also get an Exclusive Download Card for my first single in 2018. I can tell you right now, This has been an uphill battle. One, because I didn’t plan on having a band and two, the mere mention of me going back to music has sparked a lot of interest in me actually playing live. Which was something I didn’t plan on doing. Mind you, I’ve been in bands before but never to where I was the main focus. I was always the guitar player, the lead singer, but the band was never just about me. This time, it’s just about Thorn. I find the pressure just as tough on myself as when I wrote I Am Thorn. Even with this pressure, I perform better when I’m up against the wall, so I’m enjoying it and I hope you enjoy what comes from my creativity and those who I choose to be on the tracks with.

I honestly can’t tell you what’s coming outside of that single in 2018. I plan on recording three tracks, to be released throughout the year. If those three tracks lead me to be on stage again, then so be it. Not that I’m making a promise on this but I do hope to release my second book in 2018 as well. This one will be focused on a specific subject, one of the three areas I’ve been involved in my life and it will be released as an e-book only. I’ll reveal details on that once the current project is done. I want to thank each and every person that has visited this website and supported me in any of the projects that I put forth, you are the reason why I continue putting in the effort and you are the reason why I believe that being an entrepreneur is the way to go in America. With that being said, have a happy and safe New Year’s and I look forward to bringing you more Thorn in 2018, Live 2 Win.

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