Alex Thorn multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, former Professional Wrestling Champion, Musician who has shared the stage with the Spanish Rock World’s Biggest star’s, Owner of Live 2 Win Fitness LLC (Thorn Fitness), Host of the Over AF Wrestling Podcast & Former host of the Live 2 Win podcast on iTunes which ran 76 episodes on the powerhouse platform and Author of his memoir filled Autobiography, I Am Thorn: How I Broke The Chains Of Mediocrity & Learned How To Live 2 Win, Available Now on the Kindle Publishing Platform.



Out of the ashes of Alex’s post wrestling career Thorn Fitness was born. In order to rehab his injuries Alex Thorn had to find out exactly what drove others to success. From deep focus, unrelenting passion & the desire to be more, the Live 2 Win Mantra was created and Team Thorn took their Fitness Journeys to the next level. Join Team Thorn and & transform your life with Online Training from Thorn Fitness.


2019 In Review

WOW… I fell hard in 2017/2018. Looking back at 2019 feels like a breath of fresh air… like the revving of a sports car. Thorn was re-made in this year… And it all started with my Appea [...]